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Products and People we love

With our extensive network in the Experiential Hospitality world, we are always looking closely at the innovators. When we find them we don't just watch from afar; rather, we actively engage through thoughtful conversations to learn not only the 'what', but the 'why'. What drives the innovators to do what they do, and how their business ethics match their business model

It is because we have come to know both the products and people, that we heartily endorse, support, and align with the great companies below. If you'd like to know more, we're happy to share our thoughts and better still, reach out to any of these great companies and learn for yourself why we feel they are 'the best of the best' at what they do. We think you'll agree! 

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James Van Tromp // Nathan Aylott

Nokken provides operators with a one-stop-shop for their retreat business. Offering the ability to connect with travellers who want to live, work and enjoy life outside of the city anywhere from a few days to a few months. You could call Nokken a hotel in kit form – in fact – Nokken is a whole ecosystem, helping business bloom within the burgeoning retreat sector of the hospitality industry: whether a single unit acting as work-life hybrid, or a whole village community focused around hospitality or wellbeing, the Nokken cabin platform creates the possibility to provide a relaxed place to live, work and socialise with like-minded people while getting connected with nature. 

At Expitality, we love these guys. Their creativity is matched only by their passion in all they do. And they are now in the USA, so look for their products to be ubiquitous!

Wilding Hotels

Jacqueline Baumer

Wilding Collective is a unique wilderness Hotel concept offering premium comfort in naturally beautiful locations. Wilding invites guests to escape into the wild, reset and reflect, and do so while enjoying exceptionally unique luxury. The units themselves feature 30 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling windows, waterfall shower heads, built in projectors with drop-down screens, and a variety of other unexpected indulgences. Whether you are just developing an Experiential Hospitality product or merely have access to great land and want to partner, innovation awaits opportunity, and they would love to talk with you and work iteratively towards a great outcome. 

At Expitality, we really love the creativity and spirit of entrepreneurial collaboration, and we firmly believe Jacqueline and her Team are headed for great things!


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Secret Creek 

John E. Gibson

At Secret Creek, we all have our favorite places to connect with nature, but our WHY is more than just a love of the outdoors.

The ability to inspire lives and create positivity in the world is what motivates us every. single. day. We relish the fact that we build beautiful, meaningful, functional additions to people’s dreams. But above all else, Secret Creek is an experience we believe in whole-heartedly — the transformative and restorative experience of being in a yurt, tipi or tent!

At Expitality, we love visiting with John and his crew because the passion they have for quality and integrity is just amazing. It goes beyond just offering great products - they care about your property and your success.

Exclusive Tents

Paul Zway

Exclusive Tents has become the “go-to” company for luxury & bespoke tent designs. This unique two-family business has an emphasis in crafting the best tents without ‘suits’, conveyer belts and corporate bureaucracy, it is our personable and friendly approach that opens many doors and has Exclusive Tents speaking to some serious names in hospitality and even amongst royalty.

With our conservation background we are passionate about bringing conservation services to bear and integrating wildlife conservation and ecotourism with rural development where at all possible, Exclusive Tents offer solutions that bridge the gap between the wild and the luxurious.

At Expitality, we can't say enough about Paul Zway. Colorful, storied, thoughtful and rooted in the highest ethics, and producing the highest quality product in its class. 


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Dennis Steinman

When you first step foot in a PlainsCraft Covered Wagon, there’s something you feel immediately: a sense of awe. And there’s a reason for that. They’re built to be unforgettable. And most importantly, they’re built to help your business grow.

Handmade in the USA, right in the heart of Kansas, our company creates beautiful, full-sized, fully-outfitted covered wagons for outdoor hospitality providers, adventure travel destinations, campsites, agritourism venues, and pretty much anyone who seeks to offer a one-of-a-kind overnight experience visitors will never forget.

At Expitality, we cherish our friendship with Dennis and are in such admiration of the values and culture he has within himself, and has imbued in Plainscraft. Integrity meets innovation. 


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Houck Design

John and Dee Houck

No name stands out in disc golf course design quite like that of Master Designer, John Houck.  John has taken the art and science of disc golf course design and continually developed it for several decades. John has solo designed more than 130 disc golf courses and consulted on over 150 more -- but it’s the quality of his work that has uplifted the art and science of disc golf course design. He has designed an unprecedented 24 courses used in PDGA World and National Championships as well as Disc Golf Pro Tour and National Tour events. John's designs have been ranked as the best in the world for over a decade. He is a member of two International Halls of Fame: -- the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame and the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame. He has published more articles on course design than anyone else, and he continues to innovate passionately with every project.

At Expitality, we have known John and Dee Houck for a very, very long time! Humble and brilliant, we believe their course designs, of various sizes and scope, should be mainstream in the thoughtful planning of amenity cores at outdoor hospitality venues. Why not utilize some of your green space for green fees? 


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Janine Williams

One of the best tools we've seen for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Glamping Resorts, Marinas and Hotels. As operators, sometimes it is easy to focus on the many challenges we face every day and walk right past opportunities. Ancillary, non-room revenue in the Experiential Hospitality world is very, very significant. What if you could engage retail experts to thoughtfully maximize your retail space, provide a far greater guest experience, and allow your guests to merely scan the items they want, and add it to their guest folio if they so choose?  And that's just traditional food items and sundries. Anything with a bar code can be sold. Branded merchandise, fishing poles, gift certificates - That's all easy stuff with Impulsify.


Let automation and innovation guide you to significantly higher revenue and guest satisfaction, with very minimal effort. We think Impulsify is revolutionizing retail. Great company, culture and people,  and we are very proud partners! 


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Outbound Kitchen

John Griffiths

With over 20 years of culinary leadership in luxury, single, and multi-unit operations from New York to San Francisco, John’s culinary achievements have been recognized in over 40 publications including The New York Times; James Beard Foundation; The Michelin Guide; and The San Francisco Chronicle. John was instrumental in the successful growth of RH Hospitality’s $55M restaurant platform across North America. As an avid outdoor athlete, John realized there were people like him looking for those rare experiences at the nexus of food and adventure. So he launched Outbound Kitchen, to create bespoke food and beverage solutions that deliver authentic experiences to the outdoor hospitality guests and operators. 

At Expitality, we are very excited to align with John in recommending his services. The Outdoor Hospitality / Experiential Hospitality industry has long been in need of an elevated approach to Food & Beverage operations, and the need for John's services becomes more significant every day. We think he's the best in the business! 


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Bob Worsley

Unique in every way. Designed to go off-grid with optional solar panels, atmospheric water generators, and separate plumbing for gray and black water. For connectivity, there's available Google Nest Hub Max, Google WiFi mesh router, Starlink broadband, smart TVs.  All units come equipped with Ring doorbells, cameras at each entrance, and a smart thermostat.


These are available to be configured with robotic furniture and walls that actually move, and a bed that recesses into the ceiling. The end-user can literally transform the interior footprint. We've never seen anything like this, and it is truly an innovation!

To top it all off, this is a company with a remarkable culture centered on giving back to the local community, and elevating the highest standards of care with staff and product. We re very proud to endorse ZenniHome! 


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