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What it means

Expitality, through our Talkabout TV channel, serves as a bridge between brand promises and brand deliverables. This is done through conversation, not surveys. We refer to this bridge as Experiential Intelligence. We gather this intelligence by meeting with ownership to learn what their key messages are that they want guests to experience at their property, and then gather intelligence from the guests, via spoken word, while at your property, as to how they perceive the brand.

Expectation vs. Delivery

You’ve spent a lot of time and money in crafting your current brand, but what if the guest doesn’t see it the way you do? What if you are missing key points that matter to guests, that your brand may not be addressing? Circling a ‘4’ on a survey can’t provide that to you, but Experiential Intelligence can. That’s Expitality. A unique feature of engaging a third party like us is objectivity; and a distinct benefit is the guest knowing Management cared enough about them to engage us to speak with them directly, in person. That level of care resonates integrity, and speaks to your level of care in serving your guests nobly.

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But the person-to-person Experiential Intelligence is just the beginning. When we present our findings to you and your Team, there may be some things you’d like to address. Through our alliance partners, there’s literally nothing we can’t assist with. Brokerage, consulting, Team building and training, capital improvements, management, accounting; we can literally assist you with solutions for any aspect of your business. We’ve been doing this for 30 years, and have deep connections with the very best people in the business

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Impact and Momentum

When we work with you, your guests will appreciate that you took a direct interest in having an independent third party talk with them one on one, personally, to  learn more about their perceptions of your business. That level of care is palpable, and pays huge dividends. 

Simply reach out  to Michelle and schedule a time to discuss how all of this works,  and how it can impact your business in the very best way. Let's collaborate on measuring the things that are important to you, and blend that with industry best practices gathered over our years of experience. This is a new era in guest engagement, and we're here to help! 



                                                       Schedule a call with Michelle: 

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