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Experiential Engagement, and more! 

So, what is 'Experiential Hospitality', 'Experiential Engagement', and 'Experiential Intelligence'? We explore a refreshed  mindset in the way traditional Hospitality has been viewed for too long. Sure, where you stay is important, but let's take a look at the why. That's what we do via TALKABOUT TV! 

Let's Kick Things Off...

Michelle Oliver discusses the aim of her TALKABOUTS, what we strive for, and how it serves everyone in this amazing Experiential Hospitality industry. 

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Visit our 'Video Library'

Just click the image to the left to visit our YouTube page, where you'll find all of  Michelle's conversations, personalities, events and industry leaders, all with the focus  on the Universal language of the Experiential Hospitality journey. 

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