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The Expitality Team

We bring a unique lens to Experiential Hospitality from the perspective of two individuals with proven track records. Michelle Oliver, Founder and CEO, a professional business, life and leadership coach, whose primary focus for 30 years has been to empower people and build up businesses in an authentic way and her Chief Strategist, Randy Hendrickson who has been in the Outdoor Hospitality space for 30 years.​


We bring the depth, breadth, focus and commitment to implement a method that makes each owner's vision a reality. Our passion, experience, bandwidth, and purpose have generated a powerful stride to make this happen. As we couldn’t find an existing solution, we have gathered the best of the best to be the solution. It became not only necessary, but incumbent upon us to create a vehicle that is actionable and scalable for business owners.

Randy Hendrickson

Chief Strategist

I've had the privilege of assembling and working with some inspired Teams over my professional career, which you can learn more about here. But as rewarding as my journey has been to this point, the best is yet to come. Expitality for me is the accumulation of  triumphs, the occasional misstep, and the resolve to always move forward. To grow, to learn, to share, and to challenge myself to explore the passion which has pervaded all I've done: The story of others. Of all of us. And the things that matter. All within this beautiful framework of Experiential Hospitality.

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Michelle Oliver 

Founder & CEO

I have been building businesses, professionally training and coaching within the small business sector for the last 34 years. From growing my own franchises, a marketing agency, an online business, entertainment venues, restaurants, charter schools and outdoor hospitality venues, my experience has culminated in a powerful ability to serve you at whatever your stage of business or level of need. The resiliency, drive and insight I’ve gleaned from my own and my client’s personal and business journeys, have impacted my leadership in subtle and powerful ways that allow me serve a wide variety of individuals.


A collaborative, coaching style of communication is integrated into every initiative and strategically focused to accomplish the goals for the business that we jointly determine.

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