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So what is expitality?

expitality (noun)


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Expitality is the Experience of Hospitality. We're bringing business owners and guests together, in their own voices, to bring out the best in all of us. 

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Expitality, through our Talkabout TV channel, serves as a bridge between brand promises and brand deliverables. This is done through conversation, not surveys. We refer to this bridge as Experiential Intelligence. We gather this intelligence by meeting with ownership to learn what their key messages are that they want guests to experience at their property, and then gather intelligence from the guests, via spoken word, while at your property, as to how they perceive the brand.
You’ve spent a lot of time and money in crafting your current brand, but what if the guest doesn’t see it the way you do? What if you are missing key points that matter to guests, that your brand may not be addressing? Circling a ‘4’ on a survey can’t provide that to you, but Experiential Intelligence can. That’s Expitality. A unique feature of engaging a third party like us is objectivity; and a distinct benefit is the guest knowing Management cared enough about them to engage us to speak with them directly, in person. That level of care resonates integrity, and speaks to your level of care in serving your guests nobly.

But the person-to-person Experiential Intelligence is just the beginning. When we present our findings to you and your Team, there may be some things you’d like to address. Through our alliance partners, there’s literally nothing we can’t assist with. Brokerage, consulting, Team building and training, capital improvements, management, accounting; we can literally assist you with solutions for any aspect of your business. We’ve been doing this for 30 years, and have deep connections with the very best people in the business.

Expitality Time.

Experiential Hospitality is the common language spoken between businesses formerly thought to be unrelated. Hotels, RV Resorts, Glamping Resorts, and even Marinas all know the success of their business depends upon how the guest is treated, and by providing the best Experience for them. That's where Expitality comes in. 

Data is indispensable of course, and we all rely upon it in running our businesses. But data doesn't create data; people create data. Interactions among staff and guests.  The way your amenities 'speak' to your guests. The way you translate the value of what your business provides to them. But underpinning all of this is the very simple premise that at its core, Experiential Hospitality is decidedly human. We're here to make sure that the Promise matches their Experience, time and time again. 

Let's share the journey of Expitality, together.

It's all about communication, and the art of truly listening.

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Talk to us!

Above all, we want Expitality to represent YOU. You the guest, and you, the business owner.  We believe that now more than ever, the need for human interaction is paramount to all of us. The need to speak in our own voices, and to be heard and seen. 

In the world of Experiential Hospitality today, no matter whether it's the quaint weekend getaway or for business travel, upscale resort or off the grid tent, we all want to have transformational experiences when we travel. That's why we do it. Expitality exists  to elevate the voices of those experiences, and that's why we do this.

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