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Horizon Outdoor Hospitality

Scott Foos - CEO, Owner

Horizon Outdoor Hospitality is the leading third-party Management and Consulting firm for outdoor recreational properties. Our industry is evolving quickly, and it is no secret that the demographics strongly favor affluent customers entering the industry in massive numbers. As such, new investors are also entering the industry as owners. Older properties are being updated and/or expanded, and new properties are being built to meet the increased demand. This means new ownership may have unique demands on their time, and that's where we can help!

With over 150 years of combined experience we offer innovative and comprehensive management and consulting solutions for RV resorts, parks, and campgrounds. We assist clients in setting higher standards of operational and financial effectiveness, as well as satisfaction and experience for their guests. We’re passionate about forging long-term alliances and relationships, while assisting our clients win achieving their goals for revenue and guest retention.

Scott first entered the Outdoor Hospitality industry in 2005 as the General Manager of Colorado’s premier RV resort, a position he led while obtaining his BA in Business Administration from the University of Colorado system. Having joined the firm in 2011, Scott has led the firm in various positions, most recently as President since 2015 and currently as CEO / Owner. In his current role, Scott serves as our clients’ POC, overseeing the overall strategy and growth plan for managed properties.



Horizon Outdoor Hospitality
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