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When You're Happy, You Just Know It!

Defining hospitality is a bit like trying to define happiness. Whether you’re glamping, lounging in a boutique hotel or on a yacht, you just know it when you feel it. You feel seen, you feel heard, you feel understood and there’s no question that what matters to you is being attended to without you needing to ask.

Experiential Hospitality is... you guessed it, experiential! And nothing says hospitality like extraordinary experiences. We can collect remarkable memories from epic adventures, exotic places, “out of the box” activities and unique environments, all of which enhance and bring color to our lives as novel experiences. But what makes them truly extraordinary?

Bringing the kiss 💋 of hospitality to each of these experiences is like sharing them with the first romantic love interest of your life. It's not so much about what you're doing, but how you feel during the entire journey. Every smile, each thoughtful gesture, every simple unexpected gift, these are the things that make you feel like you and your unspoken needs and desires matter. It's the tiny things that seal the deal in relationships and growth and transformation are the glue that keep them going. These are the components and responsibilities of Experiential Hospitality.

As owners and operators, we have ideal intentions and know what we want to deliver, but without an intimate connection with the guest it’s difficult to know what’s really going on with them. Like navigating a long distance love affair, weekend trysts are delightful, but what happens in between is what keeps it going. Experiential Hospitality has an opportunity to keep the guest engaged on an ongoing basis and engagement always means communication. But how do we do that? How do we know what they really want and need to make these trysts recurring and this relationship one that facilitates growth and transformation for the guest?

I’d like to introduce you to Expitality. Expitality is a newly launched company that is dedicated to bridging a gap in the hospitality sector to allow operators to communicate better with the guests. As the world literally steps outside the box of traditional hospitality to consciously integrate outdoor spaces and experiences, we are expanding even further to actively engage the heart, mind, body and spirit of every guest, every time. I believe you’ll agree that this is Experiential Hospitality at its core. And this, my friends, is Expitality.

In addition to facilitating deeper relationships between owners and guests, we’ll be exploring and sharing their journeys of growth and transformation. Like the little things that make a difference during a guest experience, sometimes the things that cause transformation in people’s lives tiptoe in and are at first unnoticed. These are the moments we want to give voice to.

Talk about TV is the social platform that allows us to share things that matter and encounters that are often overlooked. The big things that happen in our lives and impact everything are obvious, but the building blocks for these epic events often come from subtle things that are easy to ignore.

Quiet moments when we find ourselves alone. Special places that cradle our dreams as they are still in their infancy. Intimate conversations in environments that nurture mind, body and soul. Kind words that give us the strength to take a chance on our own growth, whatever form it takes. People to play with and places that make it easy to play. These creative, collaborative, simple conversations will enhance your appreciation of the power of Experiential Hospitality.

We would be honored to have you join us, as we bring out the best of owners, operators and guests, planting seeds of possibility, one simple conversation at a time. Let's bring the world more of that "I'm happy and I know it" feeling, together!

Officially launching to the world, November 30, 2022. I invite you to subscribe and grow with us!

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